Atoma offers you now

20% discount

on your refills for notebooks with the purchase of a A4 of A5 polypropylene notebook*

20% discount on refills

Double the life of your favorite Atoma notebook with an extra refill. Atoma gives you a boost, with the 20% discount on an extra refill when you buy an A4 or A5 polypropylene notebook.

Using refills is good for you, your wallet, for the environment and for the whole planet!

  • For you: with extra refills you can remove, exchange or add sheets to your notebook. Practical!
  • Also for yourself: you can enjoy your favorite cover longer.
  • For your wallet: polypropylene is and remains a plastic. We certainly don’t have to explain to you how important it is to deal with plastics sustainably. Inevitably, pollution occurs during their production and recycling. So use it as long as possible 😊.


Now when purchasing an A4 or A5 polypropylene notebook: 20% discount on an extra refill. The discount is automatically calculated in your shopping cart.*

*Promotion valid until 30/11/2022.

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FSC certified

FSC certified

Choosing an Atoma notebook is by definition a good choice for the environment: all our sheets and refills are FSC certified. Thanks to the certificate of this international organization, you can be sure that the paper is made of wood from responsible forest management that balances social, environmental and economic interests.