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Free delivery in Belgium starting from 40,- €

Did you know that Atoma rings can be ordered separately? That way, using an Atoma puncher, you can to make your own Atoma notebooks.

The Atoma rings are packaged in boxes with the following quantities:

  • Diameter 8/12/16 mm: 33 rings per box
  • Diameter 20/24/28 mm: 24 rings per box
  • Diameter 40 mm: 11 rings per box

08 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 24 mm, 28 mm, 40 mm


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Color tone

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1 review for Rings

  1. Helena (verified owner)

    I really like the system.
    BUT Atoma should really take down the 8mm rings.. I ordered from Germany and was very excited to make my own notebooks for school. Since I never worked with the system before I bought the smallest ring size to keep my notebooks slim.
    I also got the official Atoma hole punsh second hand. When it came to assembly I was very disappointed, because with just 6 pages of 60g/m2 paper and Atomas cardboard cover the pages where not able to be turned and the notebook couldn’t be opened wider than 45 degrees.
    I looked at the holes in the paper more closely and the stems from the mushroom holes are 5mm long. So it’s literally not possible to open the notebook flat with 8mm rings. You would need at least 10mm. For a system that is that thought through I would’ve expected more.
    Because my order had a value of 60€ I got a small complementary notebook as a gift. It had 16mm rings with a 7mm stack of paper in it and plastic back and front cover (1mm). It worked like a charm!
    For the future I expect Atoma to
    – purge the 8mm rings from the shop
    – educate customers on ring sizes and give examples of how many pages the specific ring size could fit
    I am in the process of returning the rings and I will direct the same feedback to Atoma via my return request.
    At this point I am unsure if I will replace the 8mm rings with larger ones from Atoma or if I will purchase them from another retailer.

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